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EMPLASTRUM Holding BV offers you the opportunity to buy this domain. Just give us a call or write an email.

About us

EMPLASTRUM Holding BV is an asset and Investment Management Company based in Amsterdam The Netherlands with further subsidiaries in Berlin and Vienna.

We only invest in Projects where we can activly participate in the daily Business. This is being done with exsisting and also Start-Up companies.

Every Project is previously checked by a rigorous due diligence
Lucrative Investment is our Business model

Why us

We are convinced that success comes with permanent progression.
This can be achieved by analyzing your business, observing the competition, matching the market requirements and – most of all – having the courage to innovate.

Accepting the fact that nothing lasts forever and being innovative makes us a perfect business partner.

We are permanently looking for the most talented people to join our community so we can guarantee world class associates, whenever and wherever you need them.